ICO: バクトアラーム BactoAlarm

バクトアラーム BactoAlarm 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 ICO 12月14日~12月23日

バクトアラーム BactoAlarm 概要

私たちは、人の日常生活における新しいレベルの技術開発を目指しています。 毎日、私たちのバイオセンサーは、消費者が安全に食べられるものと食べられないものを決定するのに役立ちます。
BactoAlarm®は毎日、毎年必要となります。 文字通り、常に。 薄いストリップやマーカーをパッケージに簡単に貼り付け、生産性を変えることは、実際には人類にとって革新的なステップです。 細菌が食品中で増殖し始めると、その重要な活性である代謝産物の兆候がバイオセンサーと反応し、その色が変化します。
Civilisation of Food
Since its usage does not require any additional effort from a manufacturer or a buyer, BactoAlarm® can be perceived as part of a food product, as a necessary attribute. The lack of a Bio sensor automatically reduces the product’s credibility.
Every single day, the Bio sensors, placed on millions of products, indicate whether or not a product is safe in an understandable manner for millions of people in millions of stores.
The Bio sensors answer the question: Can I eat it, or should I get rid of it? Consider this a mini-laboratory right in your kitchen.
We invite you to take part in a cutting-edge, functioning, long-term project that is able to rapidly build up its potential. If you’re on the look-out for a real project for your investments, here it is.
The need for our product will be as infinite as the need to eat every day. Food plus scientific technology have led to the development of BactoAlarm®.
We make a link between the private and the public; the micro- and the macro-levels. We change the style of consumption and the requirements set by individuals to each seller. Bio sensory evolution is on its way. This is the base of our ICO. Our goal is to become an integral element in the lives of billions of people and to be part of everyday culture, and to contribute to scientific progress, humanitarian mission, and overall dietary development.
We stand for the technological development of a new level in a person’s everyday life. Each day, our Bio sensor helps consumers to determine what can be safely eaten and what cannot. Thus, it solves two problems: consumption of spoiled products and pointless disposal of good products.
BactoAlarm® will be needed day after day, year after year. Literally, always. A thin strip or a marker applied to a package with ease and without changes in production is in fact an innovative step for the humanity. As soon as bacteria start reproducing in a food product, the signs of their vital activity – metabolites – will react with the biosensor and change its colour.

バクトアラーム BactoAlarm について

公式URL https://bactoalarm.io/en/
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売り出し枚数 4,000,000