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CinemaWell.com 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 プレ  1月15日〜1月24日
販売スケジュール2 ICO  2月1日〜2月28日

CinemaWell.com 概要

We are truly in a golden age for films, which is only a part of entertainment and content screening industry, together with concerts, festivals, theatrical plays, sport events, business and education trainings, news, and much more. Every year there are approximately 6, 000 film festivals worldwide, with participation of over 100, 000 film directors. With so many films being made, only a small percentage ever reach the cinema. Only a maximum of 100 films from a festival will ever reach the rental market. CinemaWell.com offers a way to solve this problem, bringing together previously unseen films with viewing audience all over the globe! CinemaWell.com offers many advantages over current platforms of YouTube and Vimeo. Filmmakers can launch premiers, sell tickets, and finally benefit financially from their work. They also gain access to viewer feedback and valuable analytics about their viewing audiences. Viewers gain access to a whole new world of viewing content, plus they can share the viewing experience by inviting friends or meeting new online friends who enjoy similar films. Even better, they can be paid using our unique crypto currency (ApplauseCash, APLC) for watching and reviewing films! Blockchain, as a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions, is a fundamental technology used in CinemaWell.com development. It lets users to get paid for watching movies, enables one-click payment from CinemaWell.com for viewing video content or providing feedback, purchase of tickets or best seats by viewers, selling film-makers’ tickets, advertisement, virtual popcorn or coke with its advantages and much more. The blockchain ensures 100% security and safety. All operations are fast, secure, and immediately synchronized. Filmmakers will finally reap financial gain for their efforts. Ninety-five percent of ticket sales will be paid to the filmmakers themselves.

CinemaWell.com について

公式URL http://www.cinemawell.com/ico/
シンボルティッカー APLC
ホワイトペーパー Whitepaper
ブロックチェーンプラットフォーム イーサリアム
参加出来る通貨 ETH
総発行枚数 300,000,000
売り出し枚数 プレ  3,000,000
ICO  144,000,000
為替レート プレ  1 APLC = 0.001 ETH
ICO  1 APLC = 0.0011 ETH
ハードキャップ プレ  3,000,000
ICO  144,000,000
ソフトキャップ プレ  50,000

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    Dear Japanese friends! Thank you for an interesting review article about our project. We want you to know that
    our cryptocurrency tokens will be sold at special Pre-ICO price:
    1st hour: 8 am – 9 am EST January 18th, 2018 — with 90% bonus
    Rest of the time of pre-ICO (until Jan 24th) — with 50% bonus