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Deepwater 概要

Deepwater Syst.©は、宝物回収と深海採掘の事業を大きく変える市場の革新です。世界は深海探査の大きな技術革新に直面しており、今後数年間で数百億の利益が見込まれています。
3年間、私たちのチームはDeepwater Syst.©を開発しています。海底からのデータパターンを収集し、解釈する独自の大規模な情報および測定システムです。既存の水中スキャニング技術をベースにしていましたが、人工知能(AI)を充実させ、沈んだ物体、自然の地形などの海底のデータを収集するための特殊なグライダーを作成しました。グライダーは水中スキャニングを行い、水中のパターンを認識することを学ぶDeepWater Neural Networkに情報を提供します。
Deepwater Syst。©の可能性を真に享受するには、世界で最大の自律型グライダー艦を建設する必要があります。
データを収集するために、DeepWaterチームはAutonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicles – Glidersを使用します。
安全性 :
グライダーは膨大な量の情報を収集します。これらのデータを分析して解釈するために、DeepWater Syst.©はDeep Learning Framework “TensorFlow”内でAIを使用します。私たちのニューラルネットワークは、各座標セットの可能性を評価し、それを「ディープスコア」の形で提示します。
DeepWater Market.©は、発見された深水資源に関する完全性とデータの安全な保管を保証するブロックチェーン技術の利点を使用します。
DeepWater Syst。©は、深海鉱業会社の地質探査に代わるより安価で信頼性の高い代替案を提供することができます。
難破船の数は膨大であり、推定するのは難しい。ユネスコは、海と海の深さにあるすべての時間から300万本の船舶の総数を近似しています。大西洋のみで、大まかな計算によれば、Great Discovery Eraの始まり以来、10万人以上の難破船がありました。これらの難破船のほんの一部しか見つけられていない。深海は数兆ドル相当の宝物を隠しており、この見積りでは発見される歴史的遺物も考慮されていない。
DeepWater Market©はDeepWater Projectの最終製品です。難破船やミネラルをはじめとする深層水資源に関するデータを販売するオンラインオークションプラットフォームです。
Deepwater Syst.© is a disruptive innovation on the market, which will profoundly change the business of treasure recovery and deep-sea mining. The world is on the verge of a major technological breakthrough in deep-water exploration, which will bring along incredible discoveries and multi-billion profits already in the next few years.
For three years, our team has been developing Deepwater Syst. ©, a unique large-scale information and measurement system to collect and interpret data patterns from the seabed. We built on existing underwater scanning technology but enriched it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and adapted it to create specialized gliders to collect data about sunken objects, natural formations, and other features of the seabed. Gliders conduct underwater scanning and supply information to the DeepWater Neural Network, which learns to recognize underwater patterns.
To truly benefit from the potential of Deepwater Syst.©, we need to build the largest fleet of autonomous gliders in the world.
We plan to begin a systematic scanning of the seabed : Along the historical trade routes between the New and the Old World in the Caribbean Sea, in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
To collect data, the DeepWater team will use Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicles – Gliders.
◈ “Peer-to-Peer” Data Exchange
◈ Wi-Fi Mesh-Networking
◈ Acoustic modem
◈ RF Modem
◈ Iridium modem (RUDICS)
◈ Self-Compensating Magnetometer (SCM)
◈ Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)
◈ Gliders are equipped with a “friend or foe” system to ensure the safety and to prevent accidental or intentional damage (including attempted capture).
2 000 Gliders a year scan 500 000㎢ of seabed.
Gliders will gather vast volumes of information. To analyze and interpret these data, DeepWater Syst.© will use AI within Deep Learning Framework “TensorFlow”. Our neural network will assess the potential of each set of coordinates and present it in the form of “Deep Score”.
Currently, our AI system recognizes 70-80% of underwater objects and 50-60% of mineral resources. To increase these rates, the neural network needs to learn from more datasets.
By launching a fleet of gliders to collect new data and feed it to the system, we could increase the recognition rates to 98-99%.
DeepWater Market.© will use the advantages of blockchain technology, which guarantees integrity and data secure storage about the discovered deep-water resources:
◈Sonar data
◈Magnetometer data
◈High-resolution photo and video coverage of the object or of the sea bed surface for deep-water mining
◈Depth of the object / deposit location, information about the current (speed), water temperature
◈Size / surface of the object
◈Lab results (metal contents in the soil samples)
◈and etc..
The DeepWater team started working on the technological solution three years ago. Since then, the system has been designed, developed, and successfully tested.
Deep-sea deposits of valuable metals are immense. There are three types of deposits, according to the type of formation: polymetallic ferromanganese nodules, ferromanganese crusts, and sulfide deposits.
DeepWater Syst.© could offer a cheaper and more reliable alternative to geological exploration for deep-sea mining companies.
The number of shipwrecks is immense and difficult to estimate. UNESCO approximates a total number of 3 million ships from all times resting in the sea and ocean depths. In the Atlantic Ocean only, according to rough calculations, there have been over 100,000 shipwrecks since the beginning of the Great Discovery Era. Only a tiny fraction of these shipwrecks has been located and recovered. The deep waters are hiding treasures worth trillions of dollars, and that estimate does not even take into account the historical relics to be discovered.
DeepWater Market.© is the final product of the DeepWater Project. It is an on-line auction platform to sell data about the discovered deep-water resources, including shipwrecks and minerals.
DeepWater Team will sell lots with information through an open online auction.
Akin to the English auction, the logic of the process is to have buyers offer increasingly higher bids for the lot until only one bidder, the winner, remains.
Payment for the lots will be accepted in Ethereum and Bitcoin coins.

Deepwater について

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