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eHealth First 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 プレ  3月18日〜5月18日
販売スケジュール2 ICO  TBA(6月〜7月)

eHealth First 概要

EHF is a platform that is built to expand. At the core of the entire platform is a database – a knowledgebase – of medical literature. The platform currently includes two apps that function by using AI and natural language processing to quickly reference necessary medical information from this literature.
The first app is a consumer grade home diagnosis and medical recommendation app. The user simply downloads the app to their smartphone (or opens the web portal on their PC), completes an intuitive initial medical screening, and receives a thorough preliminary analysis of their health, along with recommendations for treatment or consultation with a live physician.
Based on the data gathered during the screening, the user may be offered the opportunity to pay, using EHF tokens or fiat, to purchase additional screenings for certain specific body systems. If you have a chronic skin condition, for example, you may choose to pay for the skin analysis module.
The second app is an open platform for health professionals and developers. It is a direct means by which to access – quickly and easily – the medical literature and find answers that can improve patient outcomes. Of course, for full access of this app, the EHF token is essential. Developers can use the app to develop new software in the discipline.

eHealth First について

公式URL http://www.ehfirst.io/
シンボルティッカー EHF
ホワイトペーパー Whitepaper
ブロックチェーンプラットフォーム イーサリアム(ERC20)
参加出来る通貨 BTC、USD、EUR
総発行枚数 100,000,000
売り出し枚数 82,000,000
為替レート 1 EHF = 0.006 ETH
ハードキャップ 259,000 ETH
ソフトキャップ 8,000 ETH