ICO:ヒッキー Hicky

Hicky 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 ICO  2月14日〜3月14日

Hicky 概要

Blockchain Dating
Revolutionize the way you think about online dating.
Hicky is a decentralized dating app (DApp) and can be thought of as tinder on the Blockchain. We are using our Token economy as well as the power of the blockchain to ensure trust on our platform and thus optimize dating results.
The main problem in traditional dating platforms are trust and the consequential ratio in balance. Hicky ensures that users are verified and that interactions between users are private and secure.
Hicky will use blockchain technology for the encryption of messaging, implementation of smart contracts as well as for the basic network for the token economy within the DApp.
The HKY token will be used for specific functionalities within the system including messaging and verification. For details, please view the whitepaper.
As our platform is developing we will enhance mechanisms using AI and ML. In the first iteration we will focus on socio economics to optimize the dating experience.
The main problem with traditional dating apps is trust (mainly authenticity) of its users. We are using enhanced verification mechanisms that ensure authentic users. Furthermore Hicky is extremely easy to use, making the adoption barrier very low.

Hicky について

公式URL https://www.hicky.io/
シンボルティッカー HKY
ホワイトペーパー Whitepaper
ブロックチェーンプラットフォーム イーサリアム
参加出来る通貨 ETH、BTC、LTC
総発行枚数 481,500,000
売り出し枚数 288,900,000
為替レート 1 HKY = 7,500 ETH
ハードキャップ 36,000 ETH
ソフトキャップ 3,000 ETH