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販売スケジュール1 ICO 1月16日~

クドス Kudos 概要

Kudos ProjectはSkedaddleによって最初に構築され実装されています。Skedaddleでは、路線バス、鉄道、自動車サービスに代わるグローバルでオンデマンドで柔軟な長距離中継網を構築することを当社のビジョンとしています。私たちは2015年にSkedaddleをスタートさせました。快適で手ごろな車で人々を選択するあらゆる目的地に人々を結び付けることで、都市内外への交通の革命を目指しています。
As the service and marketplace economies have boomed, the majority of the wealth created has remained in the hands of the platform owners, developers, and investors. Key incentives for workers and users — tips and rewards — have been misaligned, fundamentally shaping inconsistent experiences.
That’s why we’re introducing Kudos – the operating protocol for marketplaces using blockchain technology to reward users and workers with tokens based on performance and usage.
As a programmatic, ratings-based rewards and tipping protocol across all service-based industries, Kudos will become essential infrastructure for real businesses across all service economies today — from ridesharing to coffee shops to restaurants — and become the backbone of web 3.0 and the blockchain-based businesses of tomorrow.
The Kudos Project is being built and implemented first by Skedaddle. At Skedaddle, our vision is to build a global, on-demand and flexible long-distance transit network to replace fixed bus, train and car services. We launched Skedaddle in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing transportation in and out of cities by connecting people to any destination of their choosing on comfortable and affordable vehicles.
Our platform is already being used by tens of thousands of riders each month in major metropolitan cities across the United States and Canada.
The protocol will allow each marketplace or business to build customized rewards programs without the need to launch an expensive individual token.
Workers will no longer be rewarded with clunky, antiquated and discriminatory tips. Kudos are rewarded proportional to a 1-5 rating tied to each transaction.
In binding the rating and transaction hash to the blockchain, Kudos will power the first verified, global, and trustworthy ratings system for businesses.
Each transaction/rating value will be aggregated to the business level. Flawed user-generated review sites will be replaced with a Dapp consumers can trust is not manipulated by ads and falsehoods.

クドス Kudos について

公式URL https://www.kudosproject.com/
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