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販売スケジュール1 ICO  1月30日

Labrys 概要

Labrysはブロックチェーンスペースを存在する最大の市場、すなわち主にBondsを金融商品として使用するDebt Capital Marketと結びつける。世界的な負債資本市場は、217兆ドル以上のドル建てで構成され、株式、商品および外国為替市場を矮小化しています。Labrysは、透明性、監査性、スマートコントラクトなどのブロックチェーンテクノロジーに特有の独自の利点を利用して、スマートデバイスを通じて債券市場にアクセスすることができます。ファイナンス業界はブロックチェーンテクノロジーへの移行を徐々に進めており、Labrysはこの移行をデットキャピタルマーケットに導いています。
現在の債券市場のビジネスモデルは、非効率性、手数料、進入の障壁、時代遅れの技術でいっぱいです。 Labrysは、ブロックチェーン技術を利用してこれを変更して、確定利回りに確実にアクセスする直接的な方法を提供したいと考えています。
Labrys is a financial technology company focussed on merging the global Debt Capital Market with the Blockchain ecosytem.
The Labrys platform is a decentralised network that brings extensive efficiency gains to the global bond market through the use of smartbond technology resulting in drastically reduced fees and settlement periods. This not only dramatically improves the bond issuance process for existing issuers and institutional investors but also creates lower barriers to entry, granting anyone in the world the ability to invest in bonds. This is made possible by utilising blockchain and smart contract technology to put bonds directly on blockchain, creating a direct relationship between issuer and investor.
We are building a bridge between the Blockchain universe and traditional debt markets to make a fixed income business model that is transparent, decentralised and accessible to everyone, all whilst remaining within the existing regulatory framework.
For too long, the fixed income financial markets have not been available to a large portion of investors, due to high minimum capital requirements and complex regulations. Using Blockchain technology, Labrys will democratise the bond market for all investors and provide access to fixed income markets through a smartphone, tablet or PC.
Labrys will connect the Blockchain universe with the largest market in existence: the Debt Capital Market, which primarily uses Bonds as its financial instrument. Comprising over $217 trillion USD, the global Debt Capital Market dwarfs the equity, commodity and foreign exchange markets. Using the unique advantages inherent in Blockchain technology, such as transparency, auditability and smart contracts, Labrys can provide access to bond markets through your smart device. The Finance industry is slowly making a transition towards Blockchain technology and Labrys is leading this transition for the Debt Capital Market.
The current bond market business model is riddled with inefficiencies, fees, barriers to entry and outdated technology. Labrys wants to change this by utilising blockchain technology to provide a direct way to securely access fixed income returns.

Labrys について

公式URL https://labrys.io/
シンボルティッカー LAB
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総発行枚数 430,000,000
売り出し枚数 300,000,000
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