ICO: ミミック Mimic

Mimic 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 ICO 12月29日〜2月12日

Mimic 概要

ミミックは上半分、下半分の写真とビデオの投稿と返信を奨励します。スワイプスルー、upvote、独自の追加 “。人々はコピーが大好きです。つまり、彼らは重要であり、彼らが人気があることを意味し、彼らはトレンドを設定しています。その人をコピーしている誰もが急に冷たくなります。アプリはスプリットスクリーン – 上半分と下半分で作られています。画面の上半分は「元の」ビデオ/写真と呼ばれています。下半分は「レスポンス」ビデオ/写真です。
Mimic is an app that encourages people to copy each other’s moves, selfies or any other actions they want.
“Want to challenge others to copy your moves? Have a funny response to a post?
Mimic encourages top half, bottom half photo and video posts and replies.
Swipe through, upvote and add your own”.
People love to be copied, which means they matter and that means they are popular, they are setting the trend.
Everyone else who is copying that person suddenly becomes cool.
The app is made of a split screen – a top half and a bottom half. The top half of the screen is what we call the “original” video/photo.
The bottom half is what we call the “response” video/photo.
Both parts of a screen are swipeable to the right and to the left.
Example #1: On the top half is a picture of a person making a funny face. The bottom half will present a collection of photos posted by other people of their funny selfie faces.
Example #2: On the top half is a video of a skater doing a flip. The bottom half will present a collection of videos uploaded by other users trying to mimic that original flip.
Example #3: You can post a video or a photo of a cake or a lunch you made and look how other cook try to copy it.
Example #4: Brag about how big fish you caught and challenge people to try to catch a bigger one.
Content is user generated, videos are limited to 10 seconds and pictures are in 16:9 resolution to best fit a screen. The app is made primarily for teenagers and college students as the initial target group.
The current goal of mimicking people is simply to create a purpose for the app. The app will adjust to users’ needs and usage statistics.

Mimic について

公式URL http://hellomimic.com/
シンボルティッカー MIM
ホワイトペーパー Whitepaper
ブロックチェーンプラットフォーム イーサリアム
参加出来る通貨 ETH
為替レート 12月29日〜1月7日 1 ETH = 750 MIM
1月8日〜1月23日 1 ETH = 500 MIM
1月24日〜2月12日 1 ETH = 250 MIM