ICO:ルコイン RuCoin

RuCoin 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 ICO  1月15日〜4月15日

RuCoin 概要

2011年11月19日10:02現在、80店舗の105 654が提供されています。
1.消費者:RUCOINというアカウントを持つウォレット。RUCOINは、他のユーザーにトークンを翻訳する機能を提供します。 Exchange Exchange Rucoin、Bitcoin、Ethereumを構築しました。ロイヤリティプログラムの下でRUCOINの購入可能な商品のリスト。
暗号通貨Rucoin、Bitcoin、Ethereumを使用した安全な取引。安全な取引で、RUCOIN LOYALTYは参加者の当事者による取引の実行を保証する役割を果たします。
新規顧客を獲得しようとする製造業者やブランドもRUCOIN LOYALTYのメンバーになることができます。
提案されたソリューションの重要な要素は、RUCOIN、つまりクライアントとRUCOIN LOYALTYネットワークの間の相互作用の複合体です。
RUCOIN cryptocurrency and the One Global Loyalty Network are aiming to be a bridge between virtual currencies of the digital world and world-known brands’ bonuses/discounts of the real world.
Features of RUCOIN.
Stable Crypto-Currency with a quarterly increase in liabilities.
Now consumers don’t have to combine different rewards and loyalty points, they can just use RUCOIN in the Global Loyalty Network, receiving goods and services that are necessary for them.
As of 11/19/2017 10:02 there are 1 105 654 offers from 80 stores.
Loyalty network offers:
1. Consumers: a purse with the account RUCOIN, which shows the phi-equivalent of RUCOIN, the ability to translate tokens to other users. Built Exchange Exchange Rucoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum. The list of goods available for purchase for RUCOIN under the loyalty program.
Safe transactions using crypto currency Rucoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum. In a secure transaction, RUCOIN LOYALTY acts as a guarantor of execution of the transaction by the parties to the participants.
2. For retailers: the opportunity of exponential development of the partner loyalty network. This will reduce their balance obligations by means of use/repayment by consumers.
Manufacturers and brands willing to acquire new customers can also become members of RUCOIN LOYALTY.
3. Owners (of applications/websites): a convenient and meaningful way to reward users for their involvement without the need of creating and managing the rewards system.
It will be a means of exchange and use in the system. Being a cryptocurrency, the RUCOIN token will provide unlimited, safe and secure transactions between partner brands around the world. In addition,
RUCOIN will also act as an exit point for site owners who try to attract users.
This model will lead to the consumer base growth in the ecosystem, which will result in transactions increase.
The key components of the proposed solution will be RUCOIN, namely the Complex of Interaction between the Clients and the RUCOIN LOYALTY Network.
Developed by Research Institute of Innovative Technologies.
ATTENTION! Official Rucoin is NOT traded on stock exchanges!

RuCoin について

公式URL https://ico.ru-coin.com/en/
シンボルティッカー RUC
ホワイトペーパー Whitepaper
ブロックチェーンプラットフォーム イーサリアム
参加出来る通貨 BTC、ETH
総発行枚数 500,000,000
売り出し枚数 40,500,000
為替レート 1 RUCOIN = 2 USD + ボーナス
ハードキャップ 45,000,000 USD
ソフトキャップ 4,500,000 USD