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tokenloyalty 販売スケジュール

販売スケジュール1 ICO 1月16日〜1月30日

tokenloyalty 概要

当社のソリューション:地方分権化 – 誰もが同時に商人と顧客になることができます。
A decentralized loyalty Ecosystem and newly constructed Overlay for customers tired of all those loyalty cards, coupons, codes, as well as universal solution for the businessmen, who want to achieve lead building instead of cost-generating programs based on simple loyalty.
Our mission:To bring a standardized tool for the decentralized loyalty and create a DAO system for loyalty with Overlay on it.
Our vision:To become the leading environment for the loyalty campaigns that may be set up globally not only locally.
Imagine one environment, with one standard for the loyalty campaigns in form of a token, that is tradeable and exchangeable for any good and money. It stands for the value itself and core benefits for users (both customers and business).
The main problem of customers lies in this, that loyalty points aren’t money and are governed through centralized organisms – merchants. The main problem of merchants is that loyalty programs are costs and there is no tool combining marketing gamification schemes with such loyalty scheme.
Our solution:
Decentralization – anyone can be the merchant and customer at the same time!
Only users decide where to participate
Points are token, token is money.Decentralized network of the token gives opportunities to cash-out the way you want.
Pay per lead for merchants.Any ecosystem user may be the Overlay user.

tokenloyalty について

公式URL https://tokenloyalty.io/
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